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Chraimi Gefilta Fish


  I happen to have two favorite fish dishes; one is Moroccan salmon (also known as “Chraimi”). Chraimi is a traditional Moroccan recipe in which one cooks salmon in a flavored tomato sauce. My other favorite fish dish is my grandmother’s gefilta fish. My late grandmother (Bubby) used to make […]

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Shake it up!!!


  The day after The New Year was over I took my annual pledge: “must lose the weight I gained over the last few months, (especially Chanukah)- ate too many doughnuts and Latkes”. I love all those yummy, fried foods and don’t hold myself back. I do this knowing that […]

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Chili in the Crockpot


  I am always looking to serve hot food on Shabbat day, especially as the winter approaches. I have made all kinds of chollents, yaptziks, pastramis, and racks of ribs, all slow-cooked overnight. I love chili, and as an experiment, thought I would try my hand at making chili that […]

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Taco Tuesday


  The term Taco Tuesday has become so popular on the social media food groups so I decided to introduce it into my family for Tuesday night dinners. We have made all kinds, from deli and coleslaw tacos to pizza tacos, but the favorite is when we use fish. I […]

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Fish and Chips


  People always ask me for examples of Australian cuisine. I usually respond with these three: (1) a Vegemite sandwich, (2) meat pies and (3) fish and chips. Fish and chips, which is so popular in Australia came from the influence of the British. As a kosher food blogger, I […]