Fish, Pesach, Shavuot

Fabulous Fish For Pesach

I am constantly challenged to come up with new ideas for Pesach. I try to create original sensational recipes with fresh new ideas for my clients as well as for my family. This recipe was a really big hit with my tasters (i.e., my family, who are my biggest critics!). […]

Main Dishes, Pesach

Melt Away Spare Ribs

I was given this recipe by a dear friend from Brooklyn. She used to make this recipe only when special friends came over, or for visits from her grandchildren. After I got married, she invited me and my new husband over for dinner and we were honored to be her […]

Pesach, Side Dishes

Zucchini Kishka Kugel

For pesach side dishes are always a challenge. People are always asking me what I serve as sides. One of the most popular side dishes is this kugel.  I am always looking for new kugels to make for pesach.    My cousin, who cannot eat wheat, loves the idea of using […]

Pesach, Popular Recipes

Amazing Pesach Dips

I love to make dips for Shabbat, so why not have it on Pesach too? The key to having great dips is the fresh ingredients: including garlic, lemons and cilantro.  With the introduction of so many spices that are kosher for Pesach, you can also spice up your palate by […]