Shake it up!!!

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The day after The New Year was over I took my annual pledge: “must lose the weight I gained over the last few months, (especially Chanukah)- ate too many doughnuts and Latkes”. I love all those yummy, fried foods and don’t hold myself back. I do this knowing that after Chanukah I will have to be much more careful with what I eat.
So I am beginning my post-Chanukah, New Years, detox week by making some small changes to my eating choices. Instead of coffee and a cookie each morning, I plan to make fruit shakes. I recently bought a Nutri Bullet and have been making all kinds of shakes with it. I use healthy ingredients and try to include different combinations of fruits and vegetables. I recently attended Kosherfeast, which was co-sponsored by the makers of Integrated Supplements, which recently got OU certification, and was given some samples to try. It is a protein powder full of nutrients that may help keep you full for longer. I decided to add Integrated Supplements to my shakes and see how it would taste and if it really would keep me full for longer. I was pleasantly surprised how delicious it was. I used the vanilla flavor, which is one of their many flavors choices (other choices are strawberry, chocolate mint, and chocolate). I plan to make one every morning and then head off to take some spin classes. To learn more about Integrated Solutions, go to,
Note: I always have left-over fruit from Shabbat, which I then pack into ziplock bags (in small portions) and then freeze for later use in my smoothies. This helps make my shakes creamy and icy cold without having to use ice cubes and avoids wasting unused fruit each week.

Protein Packed Power Shake

2 scoops Integrated Supplements vanilla powder
3 strawberries, frozen
½ banana, frozen
½ cup melon, frozen
¾ cup low fat milk
½ cup coconut water
Place all ingredients in a blender such as a Nutri Bullet or Vitamix and blend until smooth.
This recipe yields 2 cups

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