Kosher Chopped

Naomi Nachman is the reigning maven of Kosher Chopped competitions. In 2016 alone, she has hosted more than 50 competitions for groups of 5–60 people, providing interactive entertainment for schools, camps, private clients, and corporations including YU Connects, Kushner Day School, Moriah, and HANC. 
Kosher Chopped competitions bring people together. These Team building experiences include everyone.  Each person plays a part in the competition, and each event is based on client goals.
Building on the theme of the well-known Chopped series on the Food Network, Naomi brings this experience to offices.  She takes care of everything from soup to nuts, and Naomi personally runs and organizes everything. She helps you prepare your space for the event.
Here’s how it works. She will identify the judges in advance and upon arrival of the event, the teams will be organized.  These teams will be presented with a basket of ingredients and another smaller selection of ingredients called pantry items, which all the teams can use. Each team will have 30 minutes to create a dish using the ingredients. Once the 30 minutes are up, the teams will present their culinary creations to a panel of judges. These judges will taste each the prepared dish and consult amongst themselves to determine the winning recipe. They will be judged on taste, creativity and presentation. Once the winner is selected, that team will receive recognition in front of the entire group. The Kosher Chopped Competition is a great exercise in team building, creativity, and celebration, with just the right amount of competitiveness and camaraderie. All ingredients, utensils, and cooking tools are kosher certified.

Interactive Team Building for Corporations
  • Add some fun and flavor to your next team building event
  • Create a culinary conversation that will bring people together through food – in a fun environment.
  • Kosher Chopped Competition Event Package Includes
  • 1 1/2 Hour event hosted and moderated by Naomi
  • All Ingredients (an additional cost)
  • All dishes and equipment needed
  • Naomi can also provide, custom aprons for all participants with company/organization logo and chopping boards.

Contact Naomi today, and give your next event the kind of flavor you’re looking for – email her at
FAQs when hosting a Kosher Chopped Competition with Naomi
Contract and Deposit 
  • There is a 50% deposit due at the time of booking your event. The balance is due the day of the event, plus the cost of ingredients and customized items.

What about food allergies?

  • If you have clients or co-workers with allergies please let Naomi know prior to your event and she will work with you to make accommodations.

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